To volunteer your time, is to give purposefully. Nothing makes more of an impact than you consciously giving your time to that which you value.



Join us to help spread the message of HHSP. Raising awareness of the refugee crisis is what we do and you can become a front-runner in the movement. As an advocate, you will attend events and relay our agenda, speak passionately about how we aim to achieve our goals and how others can collaborate with us to make an impact. 


Next to storytelling, fundraising is the superpower that organizations like ours rely on. If you are a natural storyteller or are interested in developing these skills, join us and work directly with our supporters to raise the bar on how we make an impact. 


Our supporters stay connected to our work primarily through the content that we share with them on a weekly and monthly basis. This is an opportunity to develop and curate content that speaks directly to our supporter base. In this role,  you will create short form and long form content that serves as a recap and conduct research on world news to stay up-to-date.

Volunteer/Intern With Us

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