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World Refugee Month

The month of June is considered throughout the world as refugee month and June 20th

Kids in village

With your help, the past two months have been quite successful for HHSP. We attended the Tom Tom Festival, where we shared our great-tasting 734 Coffee with the incredible city of Charlottesville, VA  and spread our mission. In April, I was invited to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to attend an NGO (non-governmental organization) forum, where I was one of ten panelists invited to speak. The forum was sponsored by the MISK Foundation and by the United Nations UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to talk about the current refugee crisis and how our organization is using social enterprise and innovation to bring about solutions. In May, we debuted 734 Coffee in the Takoma Park community at a local shop (Capital City Cheesecake). They were the first local shop in the Washington, D.C area to sell 734 Coffee. We are currently displaying our coffee at farmer’s markets in Richmond, V.A, and Takoma Park, MD. I am so grateful to have such a strong supporter base both in the United States and around the world.  I know that all of this wouldn’t be possible without our loyal supporters and fellow coffee drinkers.

As I mentioned earlier this month is refugee month, so we want to be more ambitious in getting the word out. We start off by making sure that we send updates about the organization every Sunday this month. We are asking for you to inform us about events for which we could be a vendor, partners, or where I could share my experience as a refugee,  and share our mission with friends.

  1. Like us on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Give in-kind donations.

  3. Signup for our volunteer list.

  4. For our coffee lovers, grab your bag of great-tasting 734 coffee.

I would love all your help to make this refugee month successful.

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