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The Story of Kaffa: The Origins of Coffee

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Having fallen in love with the quality of Ethiopian coffee, I felt compelled to learn more about its origins, and so, I did my homework. With some research, I learned of the intriguing story of the discovery of coffee and it’s birth in Ethiopia; the story of kaffa:

Kaffa is the origin of the word “coffee.” It is the name of the region in which coffee was discovered and was located in the ancient country Abyssinia, which is now modern Ethiopia. Along with Ethiopia being the birthplace of coffee, it is currently the fifth largest exporter of coffee in the world because the soil and climate create the perfect environment for growing the crop. The brewing of coffee beans began in Kaffa when, in the 9th century AD, a goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats become energized and excited, prancing about the fields. After eating the berries himself, Kaldi felt equally as elated. He rushed home to share his discovery.

Bringing People together

Since this seemingly accidental discovery, coffee houses have been vital to the makings of history and society, as we know it today. Coffee houses and shops have harbored many political debates, cultural interventions, secret rendezvous, and even casual meetings. HHSP wants the launch of 734 Coffee to represent what coffee has always been known for, bringing people together. We hope that our coffee can help people come together to have a conversation, and enact change. Drinkers of 734 Coffee help people in need so that they may be able to help themselves. This is central to HHSP’s mission and you can help  in multiple ways.

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