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At HHSP, it is our mission and personal responsibility as a non-profit organization to work with our community and to inform others on the growing refugee crisis we currently face. We understand and respect the simple fact that our work would not be done without the support of our peers and fellow humanitarians. It is us, as a collective, that will eventually aid in the change we wish to see. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have had to flee the place they once called home to avoid imminent death and destruction caused by years of war and political turmoil. We ask you to join the fight against human injustice; a battle only humanity can fight for each other.

Famine and displacement are directly connected to unspeakable acts of violence and human suffering. Although refugees have physically and temporarily escaped the uninterrupted warfare, they are by no means free from hunger, fear, and other personal hardships that go hand-in-hand with war. The number of innocent displaced adults and children is rising and will continue if something is not done now.

In recent news, Pope Francis has issued a serious mandate to combat the horrific famine in South Sudan. According to an article in America magazine, the Pope emphasized that;  “words are not enough to prevent millions from being condemned to death by hunger.” We need to take action to ensure that uninhibited aid is allowed to those in need without border restrictions, which has been an ongoing political struggle.

Combining words with actions, and connecting these with others around us, is how we strive to bring two worlds together to help those in need. It is difficult to share individual experience, because of the barriers of language and distance. HHSP has dedicated itself to breaking these boundaries through 734 Coffee. To most, sharing a cup of coffee with one another is sharing an experience, which often leads to a conversation. In the past month, HHSP has been active in the community, raising awareness for our cause by sharing our coffee at Happy Hour events, as well as different church gatherings and festivals, such as local farmers markets.   Events such as these allow us to share our coffee with friends and the community and give us the opportunity to talk about the global refugee crisis and shed light on our mission. Each bag of coffee sold allows HHSP to directly assist refugees from South Sudan that currently reside in the Gambella region of neighboring Ethiopia. Funds raised by HHSP, with your help, go towards the purchase of fishing nets and chickens, as well as the maintenance of a community garden and agricultural training. These allow families to become self-sufficient without having to rely so heavily on others for food and other basic needs.

With each bag of 734 Coffee, we are helping refugees help themselves by sharing their story. Let us come together as a community to help rebuild theirs.

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