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Meet Daraah Mou

Contributor: Cydni Gordon

People go through great lengths to secure a better life. Daraah Mou, originally born in Kenya is an example. Her life has been tragedy stricken as she has wandered from country to country to escape hardship.

In a region that’s lacking in sustainable industry and adequate infrastructure, there aren’t many opportunities for women like Mou in Central Africa. She’s left to rely on herself or the intervention of

However, Mou has been able to end her wandering with the help of the Humanity Helping Sudan Project (HHSP). One of our initiatives includes a microeconomics program. With the realization that many Sudanese households are run by women, we knew we needed to help women. Often times, women are more responsible economic stewards than men.

In the photo you can see Mou working on her sewing machine. It was provided by HHSP. In return for this gift, there was mutual understanding that Mou would help teach three other women who were given sewing machines how to sew. They in return would teach an additional three women, thus more and more women will learn to sew and be able to work toward self-sustainability.

In addition to sharing her sewing knowledge, Mou makes school uniforms for children and bed sheets for hotels in Sudan. With this sewing machine and her skills, she brings in up to $100 dollars a month.

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