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Land Grabbing Must Stop

The Surma ethnic group of Lower Sudanese / Oromo in southern regional state of Sudan has been wrongfully taken to jail and will be forced into slavery because of the land that they occupy.

These fishermen were beaten and some butchered for protesting about giving their land to a Saudi Arab sugar factory owned by a Indian businessman. Land robbery must end! Nearly 1.2 million documents on land grabs can be traced back by Humanity Helping Sudan. Founder and CEO of Humanity Helping Sudan Project (HHSP) and Sudanese native Manyang Reath quotes “We believe that basic human rights begin with the rightful ownership of land.”

HHSP advocates on behalf of refuges for dignity, sustainable food and water sources, education, vocational and economic development and most importantly land rights.

It’s been called by some to be outright theft!

Since 2000, over 37 million acres of land, mainly in the world’s poorest nations, have been acquired by foreign investors mainly “without the prior, and informed consent of communities” according to Oxfam and other organizations. This constitutes as a “land grab.” 37 million acres of land is twice the size of Germany. More than 60% of crops grown on land bought by foreign investors in developing countries are intended for export, instead of  feeding the local and surrounding communities.  Two-thirds of these agricultural land deals are in countries with serious hunger problems.

When will land grabbing end? We need your help to educate everyone on the issue of land grabbing. Please share this article with your family and friends!

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