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Biking for Lost Boys

Contributor: Joe Kelleher

I like discovering that our bike trips can provide the Lost Boys of Sudan a way to make a sustainable living in Sudan. Funds for chicken coops, fishing nets, tools, seed and fertilizer transform Lost Boys from wanderer and temporary status to pioneer farmers with a purpose.

Manyang is one of the 27,000 lost boys of Sudan displaced by a protracted civil war who arrived in America. I met Manyang 10 years ago at the Virginia Home for Boys and Girls where the Rotary Club of Richmond and Goodwill Industries provided a bicycle for transportation to and from his evening job. He worked his way through high school and the University of Richmond. Manyang advocates tirelessly for his companions back in Sudan wanting to better themselves.

Easter vacation 2016, my son, Michael and I plan to bicycle 500 miles along the Lincoln Road from Chicago to Pittsburgh. If you want to pledge tax deductible support for Biking for Lost Boys (BLB) with us, please do so on I like Manyang’s model for sustainable agricultural, fishing and poultry farming in Sudan. With our help the Lost Boys of Sudan need to go no further. We can help them to settle and thrive in Sudan.

Sincerely, Joe Kelleher

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