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734 Coffee At Nexus

At this year’s Nexus Summit, 734 Coffee (a product of Humanity Helping Sudan Project)  served 630 cups of coffee to our Nexus family and friends at the NYU New School building. At a place like Nexus, among the most driven and determined people, the story of refugees was amplified. We started at  6:00 AM to ensure that we reached the maximum number of our fellow summit attendees.

The refugee community is one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Many have experienced horrific torture and trauma. There is a significant lack of awareness of these issues within the media. Without increased awareness of the displaced refugees, acceptance and integration of other cultures will be very difficult or met with resistance.

We have been advocating for refugees for nearly 10 years. There are currently more than sixty million displaced people in the world. I wish that I could tell every single refugee’s story because, through my own experience, I understand that once people are aware of their story, they feel a moral responsibility to help.

In South Sudan alone, there are more than 2.25 million people displaced across its borders, facing poverty and famine. At the core of 734 Coffee is the promise to tell the story of the world refugee crisis and give new hope for the economic prosperity and self-sustainability of Sudanese refugees.

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