Humanity Helping Sudan project is a nonprofit with the mission to create awareness of the world refugee crisis, establish strategic humanitarian partnerships to empower displaced people to become se-sufficient for long-term sustainability. Founded in Richmond, Virginia, by Manyang Kher, HHSP has a long history of being a leading advocacy platform for refugees. In 2016 HHSP launched 734 Coffee, a social good product to help further its mission.


HHSP (Humanity Helping Sudan Project) creates awareness of the world refugee crisis and establishes strategic humanitarian partnerships to empower displaced people to become self-sufficient for long-term sustainability.



We envision a world not torn apart by violence and injustice, where people and communities can flourish from their desire to live in harmony and to create a promising future.


HHSP, 501(c)(3), engages in partner projects developing small-scale farming, fishing, clean water, poultry farming and education. Our long-term plans include educating refugees, young and old in traditional and vocational capacities.


734 Coffee – In May of 2016, HHSP launched the sale of 734 Coffee. We contract with co-op coffee growers in Ethiopia to grow the coffee, it is shipped in bulk to the U.S., where it is processed and packaged for sale.



Refugee Campus - Is a scholarship program established by HHSP through its 734 Coffee social enterprise that aims to award scholarships to refugees seeking higher education. Refugee Campus originally aimed to target both traditional and vocational education but has primarily focused on higher education since 2017.




Farmland leased for 50 years

HHSP leased 4 acres of land in Gambella, Ethiopia to provide food sources for South Sudanese refugees in the camps. They use the community garden as a source of food to feed their families.


Well Repair

HHSP in partnership with the South Sudanese refugees, rebuilt 6 wells in Gambella, Ethiopia to provide the four camps with a sustainable clean water source.



Fishing Nets

HHSP locally purchases fishing nets that are distributed to individual South Sudanese refugee fisherman to feed their families and to sell their surplus.



Poultry Production

HHSP locally purchases chicken and distributes them to the refugee families to support of poultry production as a source of income.



Purchased sewing machines to create a vocation and a source of income for South Sudanese refugee families.



Advocacy on behalf of refuges for dignity, sustainable food and water sources, land rights, education, healthcare, and vocational and economic development.



Refugee Campus aims to begin serving students by 2018 to gain practical vocational skills and to possess the ability and confidence to sustainably live aid-free.

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